January 12, 2013

January 12.2013 002

My day started early, as usual: Before day dawned, Bill and I went into town to do some errands. It rained yesterday – Friday the 11th – and was unseasonably warm, in the low 60’s, and most of the snow was gone from our patio by the time I woke and went outside this morning.

January 12.2013 007

We rushed home from our trip to town to make it to granddaughter Exandra’s basketball game. Allen and Leah, Exandra’s parents, were already in the stands waiting for the game to start when we got there.

January 12.2013 010

Exandra climbed the bleachers to get a hug from Grandpa Bill.

January 12.2013 023

Exandra in action. Watch for the sparkly hair band – that’s Exandra!

January 12.2013 027

January 12.2013 032

When I went out to get some water from our truck, mid-game, I just had to stop to get a shot of the school on this foggy Ohio morning.

January 12.2013 036

Back inside. Exandra is in mid-jump in this shot. They called me Sue Alcindor when I was in high school; might I suggest she gets her ‘hustle’ from me?

January 12.2013 038

Give me the ball. I’m open!

January 12.2013 039

Allen, Leah, Chance (Exandra’s brother) and Bill watch the game

January 12.2013 047

Bill and Allen cooked up plans to go play some ‘mud ball,’ made plans to play golf at the muddy golf course after the basketball game. Just $2.00/person this time of year, though muddy. There’s Bill, loading his clubs into his truck.

January 12.2013 055

Meanwhile I made cake and pie for the turkey dinner planned for the afternoon at our house. Bob showed up on his ‘tri-moto’ – a quad that he modified himself; he turned it into a three-wheeler. So cool!

January 12.2013 057

January 12.2013 061

Of course I had to get onto the bike, and Bob snapped a shot of me – the only picture of me taken all day, as I recall.

January 12.2013 064

Bill got home from the golf course and fired up the deep-fat fryer in anticipation of cooking two turkeys.

January 12.2013 068

Then Bill cleaned out the chiminea and started a fire in it – it’s such a friendly feeling when there’s a fire burning on the patio on a dreary day….

January 12.2013 081

Bob and Allen in Allen’s truck, smiling at me as I impede their progress down the driveway.


Fried turkey! Yum!

January 12.2013 090


January 12.2013 095

Mike stopped by, on his cycle.

January 12.2013 099

And we all went to the basement for a  few rousing games of ping pong. My team won. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

January 12.2013 103

Bill Allen Bob Mike

January 12.2013 107

Sons Bob and Allen with their dad Bill, checking out our breaker box, trying to figure out why, when we use both ovens, they shut down.

January 12.2013 113

This sign greeted us at the top of the basement stairs. It would seem that granddaughters Erica and Exandra were hiding . . . . under the couch?

January 12.2013 116

Who puts 60 candles on one cake? Allen and Bob, that’s who! I wish I could have gotten a shot that showed the conflagration when all those candles were still lit, but I had to hurry to blow them out before the wax ruined the icing! Yes, today is my 60th birthday. I blew out all but @ 8 candles on my first attempt. That’s @ 52 candles in one breath. I think that’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself!

January 12.2013 118

Here are our pyromaniacs. Bob and Allen holding both cakes – the second one (with a lot less candles) was for Allen’s wife Leah, whose birthday is Monday the 14th.

January 12.2013 119

After dinner, ping pong, cards and a lot of fun, Erica and Exandra spent the night….

January 12.2013 121

Back to my computer…to finish a project I started yesterday. Bye for now.



About faywray1

I like to write. No, I am compelled to write. In addition, I like to take and share pictures. I like to have a creative project going at all times. I would not want to have to limit myself to just one category, but if I was forced to pick one word to describe me it would be 'loving.'
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5 Responses to January 12, 2013

  1. dinu says:

    Beautiful. Pictures are so nice! What a grand occasion – actually landmark sixty!. I kept looking at your workdesk a long time.. then on that trike.

    • faywray1 says:

      Hey, Dinu, did you notice the striped cork board on the back part of my desk shelves? That’s styrofoam builders’ board, cut to fit, then covered with striped wallpaper. Old hat pins are available for pinning things to it. And did you notice the painted gourds? The digital picture frame?

  2. Tony Ruiz says:

    We weren’t invited, but happy birthday anyway. When was it? From the parking lot picture that’s so dark and dreary, can’t help but it makes me weary. All the rest of ’em look like…..LIFE!

    • faywray1 says:

      I’ll tell you what, Mr. Ruiz: If I’d thought you’d come, I would’ve invited you. What do you have to say about that?! Yes, it’s somewhat dreary here some days in mid-winter, but it’s so cozy inside, tucked in for the day with a good book and friends and family….
      Mark it on your calendar: January 12, 2014: Go to Sue and Bill’s house, for party…..

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